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CVC: Rhyming CVC Series

CVC: Rhyming CVC Series
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These eight rhyming books provide reading practice for children who can confidently read CVC words and know almost all the irregular high-frequency words to be taught in Phonic Phases 2, 3 and 4. (the, I, to, no, go, he, she, me, we, was, my, you, they, her, all, are, said, so, have, one, come, little).

The consonant digraphs 'sh, ch, th' are used as well as the vowel digraphs 'ee, ay, ea, oo, or, ou, oor'.

The vowel digraphs 'or' (for), 'ow' (down), 'ou' (out), 'oo' (look) are used specifically in those example words only.

These books provide good revision for children at the start of Year 1 before they go on to learn about more vowel digraphs.

They have 10-15 words per page.

ISBN No. TitleRhyme
9781843050179 Book 1 A Bat on a Cat at
9781843050186 Book 2 The Bun in the Sun un, um
9781843050193 Book 3 The Bug in the Jug ug, up
9781843050209 Book 4 A Jog in the Fog og
9781843051626 Book 5 Sad Dad ad, am, ay, up
9781843050223 Book 6 A Tin and a Pin in, im
9781843050230 Book 7 Jet, the Pet et, ut
9781843050247 Book 8 Kevin's Chop op
9781843052678 whole series  



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