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EVC: Early Vowels Combinations

EVC: Early Vowels Combinations
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This series of 8-paged books consists of six separate stories to focus on the 'long vowel' digraphs 'ea, oo (moon), ai, ie, y, oa, er', e.g. in words like, 'eats, moon, nail, flies, sky, floats, water'.

It has been assumed that children are familiar with the digraphs 'ay, ee, oo, ow, ou, or' from reading books in earlier series.

A mixture of graphemes is used in each story.  

There are two short sentences and 10-15 words per page in each book.

For the full vocabulary in each book, please click here.

9781843055488 EVC1 The Bee Sting ai, ie, y,  
9781843055495 EVC2 The Full Moon y, oo, er
9781843055501 EVC3 The Rusty Nail ai, ie, 
9781843055518    EVC4 The Red Balloon ai, ea, y, oo, er, oa
9781843055525 EVC5 Rain on the Roof ai, ea, oor, oo, er
9781843055532 EVC6 The Giant Spider ea, er, long i
9781843055549   Whole Series  





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