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B11-16: B Series books 11-16

B11-16: B Series books 11-16
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This series of six 8-paged books follows on from the B Series 1-10. 

The books are parallel to the A Series books 11-16 in phonic progression, but they do not use all the irregular high-frequency words introduced in the A books.

The letter combinations 'ck' and 'ng' are introduced in books 15 and 16.

The high frequency words 'no, to, go, into, my, little, are, have' are introduced.

ISBN Book No. TitleNew HFW
9781843050979 Book 1 Ten Pegs oh no
9781843051008 Book 2 The Egg little
9781843051015 Book 3 The Fox to into
9781843051022 Book 4 The Box go
9781843052104 Book 5 My Clock have
9781843052111 Book 6 Ring-a-ding are
9781843052142   Whole Series

CODE: B11-16

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