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MFA: My First Animals Series

MFA: My First Animals Series
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In this series of books we introduce the written names of well-known animals.

In the names of the animals 'lion, tiger, crocodile, hippo, giraffe' the single letters 'i, o, g' are pronounced differently to those in words such as 'tin, hot, get'. The animal names 'lion, tiger, crocodile' have a 'long i' pronunciation for the letter 'i'. The animal name 'hippo' has a 'long o' pronunciation of the letter 'o' and 'giraffe' is pronounced with a 'soft g' rather than a 'hard g'.

We also use the word 'baby' in most of the books, so that children are also introduced to the 'long a' pronunciation of the letter 'a' in that word.

It is important that children realise that some letters have more than one pronunciation, especially the vowel letters, otherwise they will encounter many words that they cannot read. 

For full details of the vocabulary in each book, please click here.

9781843053484 Book 1 Lions and Tigers
9781843053491 Book 2 Elephants and Giraffes
9781843053507 Book 3 Hippos and Crocodiles
9781843053514 Book 4 Camels and Donkeys
9781843053521 Book 5 Monkeys and Zebras
9781843053538 Book 6 Kangaroos and Ostriches
9781843053545   Whole Series  


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