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VG2: Vowel Graphemes Set 2

VG2: Vowel Graphemes Set 2
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Each book in this series introduces one new vowel GPC.

The GPCs introduced are 'ow, ur, oi, igh, air, ear, ay, ea' in that order.

The 'tricky' high-frequency words used are 'the, to, go, no, are, he, oh, out, I, going, my, have, you, all'.

There are 5-10 words per page in one or two sentences.

The GPS are introduced as seen in the table below.

For the full vocabulary in each book please click here.

9781843053965 Book 9 Owl ee, er, oo, ow
9781843053972 Book 10 The Turnip ee, oo, ur
9781843053989 Book 11 Tortoise or, ow, oi
9781843053996 Book 12 Night er, oo, er, ar, ow, igh
9781843054009 Book 13 Long Hair ee, oo, or, air
9781843054016 Book 14 Ears ee, oo, ear
9781843054023 Book 15 On the Hay ay
9781843054030 Book 16 Seals ea
9781843053873   Set 2 Series


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