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AD: A Digraphs Series books 17-24

AD: A Digraphs Series books 17-24
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Two new books have been added to the original A Digraphs Series to give more scope for introducing vowel digraphs.

Books 20 and 22 have been revised so that the stories are in the present tense.

The consonant digraphs 'sh, th, ch' are introduced in books 17A, 18A, and 19A.

The vowel digraphs 'ee, ay, oo, ai, er, ow, or' are used, as well as 'y' (as in 'fly, sky, by'). (book 23). 

The high frequency words 'he, she, they, come, all, goes, does, who' are introduced.

All the stories are written in the present tense.

ISBNBook No.TitleDigraphs
9781843052555 Book 17 The Big Fish sh, ee, ay, oo, or
9781843051145 Book 18 Bee in the Box sh, ee, ay, oo
9781843052517 Book 19 Chickens sh, ch, ee, ay
9781843052524 Book 20 The Wet Cat sh, ch, ee, ay
9781843052531 Book 21 Peck, Peck sh, ch, ee, ay, oo, ai, or
9781843052548 Book 22 Bottom of the Pond sh, ay, oo, or, ow
9781843052494 Book 23 Flap Flap Flop sh, ch, ee, ay, er
9781843052500 Book 24 Rubbish Dump sh, ee, ay, oo, er, or, ow
9781843052562   Whole Series



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