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BD: B Digraphs Series books 17-24

BD: B Digraphs Series books 17-24
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The books in this series use the consonant digraphs sh, ch, th and the vowel digraphs ay, ee, oo, ai, er, ow, or, ou as shown in the table below.

They are written in the present tense.

The high-frequency words 'they, comes, are, going, have, all, do, out, two, little, every, her, said, little, goes, does' are used. 

Each book has 8-15 words per page.

For the vocabulary in each book, please click here.

9781843052401 Book 17 The Ship in the Tub sh, ee, ay
9781843052418 Book 18 The Sheep on the Hill sh, ee, er, ow
9781843052425 Book 19 Flash! Crash! bang! sh, ee, ai, er, ou
9781843052432 Book 20 The Sitting Hen sh, ch, ee, ay
9781843052449 Book 21 Rubbish sh, ch, ee
9781843052456 Book 22 In the Mist sh, ee, ay, er, ou
9781843052463 Book 23 Going Fishing sh, ch, ee, ay, ai, er
9781843052470 Book 24 Choc-chips sh, ch, ee, er, oo
9781843052975   Whole Series  



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