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ALF: Alfie's Adventure

ALF: Alfie's Adventure
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This series is one complete story about a young elephant who loses his family. He is left all alone in the middle of the African savannah. Other animals try to help him find his family. The books must be read in numerical order to follow the storyline.

The books are written in the past tense.

This means that the words 'saw, were, came. heard' are used for the first time.

For full details of the vocabulary in each book, please click here.

9781843053712 Book 1 Hiding in the Bushes
9781843053729 Book 2 The Zebras
9781843053736 Book 3 The Monkeys
9781843053743 Book 4 The River
9781843053750 Book 5 The Hippos
9781843053767 Book 6 The Giraffes
9781843053774   Whole Series  


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