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CC: Combining Consonants Series

CC: Combining Consonants Series
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We have added two new stories to this collection of books concentrating on how consonants are combined in English words. These are The Toy Truck and The Hedgehog Tunnel. The vocabulary in the stores includes words containing the vowel digraphs 'ee, ea, oo, ay, ai, or, ou, ow, er, oy, ar'

Words with adjacent consonants at their beginning or end only contain the 'short' vowels 'a, e, i, o, u' as their medial vowels.

Words with consonants combined into one sound, i.e. consonant digraphs, are listed separately on the inside back cover of each book.

These include 'sh, ch, tch, th, ng, ck, wh, dge'.

The high-frequency words 'what, where, there' are included in this series.

There are up to 20 words on each page.

For the full vocabulary in each book, please click here.

ISBNBook Title
9781843053354 Book 1 The Toy Truck
9781843055372 Book 2 Two Chicks
9781843055389 Book 3 Down the Well
9781843055396 Book 4 The Red Spotty Cloth
9781843055402 Book 5 In the Ditch
9781843053361 Book 6 The Hedgehog Tunnel
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