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EVS1: English Vowels Set 1 2015

EVS1: English Vowels Set 1 2015
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This series of 12-paged books consists of the first six books from the English Vowels Series first published in 2008. The vowel digraphs 'ow, er, ou, ar, or, ur ' are introduced separately and then used cumulatively throughout the series.

The stories have been rewritten in the past tense. This means that the verbs 'were, saw, heard, thought, came' are introduced for the first time.

The original pictures have been reworked to fit the new square format.

ISBNBook No.TitleNew HFW
9781843052982 Set 1 Book 1 Brown Cow through, could, came, saw, were, was
9781843052999 Set 1 Book 2 Silver in the Field everything, heard
9781843053002 Set 1 Book 3 Danger wanted, time, old, thought
9781843053019 Set 1 Book 4 Sacks of Flour pulled, stopped
9781843053026 Set 1 Book 5 Good Morning more, before
9781843053033 Set 1 Book 6 Two Turkeys everyone, eyes, friend
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