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FF1: Follifoot Farm Series 1

FF1: Follifoot Farm Series 1
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This series of six 8-paged books gives the setting for the Jelly and Bean stories. All the animlas live at Follifoot Farm. The locations of the hut, shed, pond and paths used in previous books are shown in the picture of the farm on the back cover of each book.

The vocabulary in the stories provides practice for children reading words containing the vowel graphemes 'ar, er, or, ou, ow, ee, ea, ai, ay, oo' in the context of the farm, e.g. 'farm, water, for, out, cow, sheep, eat, rain, hay, soon, wood'.

Each book uses the r-controlled digraphs 'ar, er, or', the  'ow/ou' digraphs and the 'oo/oo' digraphs.

There are approximately 19-21 words per page in these stories.

ISBN Book Title
9781843055013 Book 1 Follifoot Farm
9781843055020 Book 2 Three Sheep
9781843055037 Book 3 Lotty and the Cows
9781843055044 Book 4 The Cow in the Pond
9781843055051 Book 5 The Flood
9781843055068 Book 6 After the Flood
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