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FVC: Further Vowel Combinations

FVC: Further Vowel Combinations
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This set of six 12-paged books introduces the vowel graphemes 'ow (yellow), ew (flew, new), ue (blue), u-e (tube), igh (night), ear (pear), air (pair), ear (near)'.

Only The New Kennel is a new story.

The other books in the series are revised versions of stories from the original Long Vowel Series and the Gold Series.

The books are written in the past tense. This means that verbs such as 'were, was, saw, heard, caught' have to be learnt specifically from their spellings as irregular high-frequency words at this stage.

Children will also meet the three different pronunciations of the ending 'ed' in the verbs 'turned, jumped, started'.

ISBNBook TitleNew Vowel
9781843052173 Book 1 The Willow Tree ow, o, o-e, ew
9781843052180 Book 2  The Gold Ring ow, o, o-e
9781843052197 Book 3 Night igh, ie, y
9781843052159 Book 4 The New Kennel igh, ie, y
9781843052203 Book 5 The Long Blue Tube ue, ew, u-e
9781843052210 Book 6 The Pear Tree ear, are, air
9781843052166   Whole Series  






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