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Department for Education

(2014) National Curriculum documents for England 2014

The programmes of study for English Keystages 1 and 2 may be downloaded from the link below.

(2021) The Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (update for September 2021) may be downloaded from the link below.

(2007) Letters and Sounds: Details of Phonic Phases 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 from the current government website. (214 pages)


(1998) Framework for the National Literacy Strategy

Insights into Literacy

(2004) The Science of Word Recognition by Kevin Larson Advanced Reading Technology, Microsoft Corporation.

(2001) How Psychological Science Informs the Teaching of Reading by Keith Rayner, Barbara R. Foorman, Charles A. Perfetti, David Pesetsky, and Mark Seidenberg

(2005) Reading Acquisition, Developmental Dyslexia, and Skilled Reading Across Languages: A Psycholinguistic Grain Size Theory by Johannes C Ziegler and Usha Goswami

The Phonics Debate in England and Scotland during the last 20 years

(1998) An Investigation of the Effects of Phonics Teaching on Children's Progress in Reading and Spelling by Joyce E Watson  (This is a large file 21MB and 295 pages)

(2003) Sound Sense: The phonics elements of the National Literacy Strategy:  DfE: by Greg Brooks

(2006) A Systematic Review of the Research Literature on the Use of Phonics in the Teaching of Reading and Spelling

by Carole J. Torgerson, Greg Brooks and Jill Hall

(2006) Rose Review: Final Report by Jim Rose

(2008)  Synthetic Phonics and the Teaching of Reading by Dominic Wyse and Usha Goswami

(2013) Ethics, Education policy and Research: The Phonic Question Reconsidered by Sue Ellis and Gemma Moss

(2013) IMPACT publication No. 20.  Philosphical Perspectives on Education

To read or not to read:decoding Synthetic Phonics by Andrew Davis

(2021) Yes Children Need to Learn Their GPCs but There Really Is Little or No Evidence that Systematic or Explicit Phonics Is Effective: a response to Fletcher, Savege and Sharon (2020)  by Jeffrey S Bowers

(2021) Reading: a philosphical investigation. A video recording of a talk for MA students by Andrew Davis.                         



The publications of Robert F Port can be found from this link.

(2011)  Phones and phonemes are conceptual blends, not cognitive letters.

(2010)  Language as a social institution. Why phonemes and words do not live in the brain.

(2009)  Rich memory and distributed phonology.

(2008)  All is prosody: Phones and phonemes are the ghosts of letters.

(2007)  How are words stored in memory? Beyond phones and phonemes.

(2006)  The graphical basis of phones and phonemes.

(2005)  Against formal phonology (with Adam Leary).

(2008)  Supporting materials for the papers.

Research on Language Acquisition

(2016) Word learning and the origins of Phonological Systems by Professor Marilyn Vihman



(Vygotsky 1986) Thought and Language by Lev Vygotsky (edited by Akex Kozulin) ISBN 9780262720100

(Ehri and Metsala 1998)  Word Recognition in Beginning Literacy by Linnea C Ehri and Jamie L Metsala  Reprint 2008  ISBN 9780805828993

(Richard l Venezky 1999) The American Way of Spelling by Richard L Venezky 1999 ISBN 9781572304697

(Kozulin 2003) Vygotsky's Educational Theory in Cultural Context edited by Alex Kozulin et al ISBN 9780521528832

(Daniels, Cole and Wertsch 2007) The Cambridge Companion to Vygotsky edited by Harry Daniels, Michael Cole and James V Wertsch  ISBN 9780521537872

(Dehaene 2009) Reading in the Brain: The New Science of How We Read by Stanilas Dehaene  ISBN 9780143118053

(Hall, Goswami, Harrison and Ellis 2010)  Interdisciplinary Persectives on Learning to Read: Culture, Cognition and Pedagogy by Kathy Hall, Usha Goswami, Colin Harrison and Sue Ellis  ISBN 9780414561242

(Vihman 2014) Phonological Development: The First Two Years by Marilyn May Vihman 2nd Edition  ISBN 9781118342800

(Clark 2014) Learning to be Literate by Margaret M Clark  ISBN 978099289310

(Brooks 2015)  Dictionary of the British English Spelling System by Greg Brooks  

(Seidenberg 2017) Language at the Speed of Sight by Max Seidenberg  ISBN 9780465019328


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