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Phonic Phase 2 Resources

In our first 3 books we introduce the letters 'a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, u, x'. Click on a picture to get information on each book. 

There are 4 four stories in each book, making 12 stories altogether, for children to practise reading words at the CVC level whilst they are learning the corresponding letters and sounds. 

The high-frequency words 'a, on' are introduced in the first story in each book. The words 'in, on, and' are used in stories 2 and 3 in each book. 'The' is used only in story 4 in each book.

There are no sentences, verbs or punctuation. Capital letters are used in the names Tom and Bella only.


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The original Books A Series 1-4 are now  Starter Book A and the letters are introduced as follows: 

Story 1.  'a, c, t, h, m, o, n' in the words 'cat, hat, mat, a, on'.

Story 2.  'b, i, g, x' in the words 'big, box, in'.

Story 3.  'd, l, f, r' in the words 'dog, log, frog, and'.

Story 4.  'e, u, s'  in the words 'bed, mud, rug, cats, the'.

The original Books B Series 1-4 are now Starter Book B and the letters are introduced as follows: 

Story 1. 'm, a, n, o, c, t, h' in the words 'cat, hat, mat, man, cot, hot, on, a'.

Story 2. 'b, i, x, d' in the words 'bat, bin, tin, bin, box, in, and'.

Story 3. 'g, s' in the words 'dog, mad, sad, bad'.

Story 4. 'p, u, e' in the words 'pan, hop, cup, mug, nut, bug, the'.

The letters 'f, l, r' are not used.

Tom and Bella Pink Stories are the original books 1-4 from Tom and Bella Series 1 and introduce the letters: 't, o, m, a, c, d, g, n, s, b, i, f, e, l, r, p, u, h'.

Story 1.  't, o, m, a, c, d, g, n, s'

Story 2.  'b, i, f' 

Story 3.  'e, l, r' 

Story 4.  'p, u, h'


Writing Resources

Writing activies for the letters of the alphabet and for each of the letters introduced can be found on our free resources page

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