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Phonic Phase 2 Resources

In our books for this phase we introduce the letters 'a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, k, l, m, n, o, p, r, s, t, u' in line with Phase 2 of Letters and Sounds (2007)

The letters are introduced as follows:

Book A1 and B1: 'a, c, h, m, n, o, t'      

Book A2 and B2: 'b, i, g, x'                     

Book A3 and B3: 'd, l, f, r'                     

Book A4 and B4: 's, e, u, p'    

The First Words Series also introduces the letter 'k'.

Tom and Bella Series 1 also introduces the letter 'w'.

There are 22 books for children to practise reading words at this level whilst they are learning the corresponding letters and sounds. Only two names are used, Tom and Bella. The capital letter I is used in books 6, 7, 8 of the First Words Series.

The high-frequency words 'a, on, in, and, the' are used in all three series of books for this phase. 


The AB Starter Pack introduces 18 letters to align to Phonic Phase 2 (2007), ('k' is not included) plus 'x'. It consists of books A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, A4, B4. The high-frequency word 'the' appears in books A4 and B4. There are no capital letters, no verbs and no sentences used. CVC nouns are joined by simple adjectives and the words 'a, on, in, and, the'.

The First Words Series introduces all 18 letters of Phonic Phase 2 (2007) and the letter 'w'. The irregular high-frequency words 'the, I, to' are used.  'I' is the only capital letter used in the whole series. It is used in books 6, 7 and 8 at the beginning of sentences starting with 'I am .....' and 'I can ....'.

Tom and Bella Series 1 introduces 18 of the letters from Phonic Phase 2 (2007), ('k' is not included) plus 'w'. Books 1-4 use phrases made up of CVC nouns and adjectives connected by 'a, on, in, and, the'. Books 5 and 6 use sentences containing the verbs 'has, is, hits, fills, tips, drips'. The capital letters T and B are used.

Writing Resources

WA01:  Letters of the Alphabet Writing Activities has 54 photocopiable activity sheets, 27 of them for the lower case letters of the alphabet, including both versions of 'k', and 27 of them for lower case and upper case letters. Children learn the correct formation of each letter. They can practise writing over dotted letters and in their own handwriting.

WA04: Activities for the AB Starter Pack has 46 photocopiable pages for children to practise writing letters and simple words. They can write over dotted letters and write words in their own handwriting. The activities introduce letters in the same order as in the AB Starter Pack. There are no capital letters used. All the activities involve lower case letters only.

WA02: First Words Writing Activities has 47 photocopiable pages of writing activities to accompany the books in the First Words Series. Both versions of the letter 'k,' in the Sassoon Primary Infant Font, are used.

WA03: Tom and Bella Series 1 Writing Activities has 36 photocopiable activity sheets, six for each book, so that children can learn to write the small letters of the alphabet by writing over dotted letters. They can also write these letters in simple words in their own handwriting.

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