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I just wanted to say thank you for your books. They have that extra quality that I look for, not just decodables but a story with a bit of magic for young (and old) minds alike. And it's so refreshing to have a graspable mix of every day words combined with the phonics. In the words of my 4 year old daughter "the" isn't a tricky word Mummy! (having read it many times in J and B and then gone back to some other books that declare it to be so!)

Parent, UK 2013

I just wanted to let you know how much the children have enjoyed reading your books. Thank you. Keep them coming.

Teacher, UK 2013

The reason I am writing is to say that the books are fantastic. They progress at a great pace. The pictures are perfect, as they do not distract the child from reading, but help support the writing and give something to discudd. You have hit the nail on the head with the scheme. Congratulations. I shall certainly be recommending the scheme.

Teacher, UK

I should just like to let you know how impressed I have been with the Jelly and Bean books. As a teacher and development psychologist I can honestly say that it is the best series I have met.

Teacher, UK

The headmistress at the school I am associated with has asked me to email you to tell you how impressed the school is by the Jelly and Bean books. After starting to use the scheme from reception, this year they have had their best reading results ever. The reception teacher could not praise the books enough.

Teacher and educational psychologist, UK

One of the things that is brilliant is that you have managed to make them (the books) fun with so few words. All the children that I have introduced them to love the stories. The development of phonological knowledge and the slow introduction of irregular words is obviously very important plus the repetition.

Teacher, UK

I have used other schemes in the past but have found these books to be fantastic for our pupils. The simple format and repetitive text makes learning fun and builds confidence with the reader. The illustrations in the books are more age appropriate than many other schemes of this kind. The books are reasonably priced and overall I am extremely pleased with them.

Teacher of Key Stage 3 pupils in a special school

...books are excellent. My son is so pleased he can read a whole book by himself.

Parent, UK

We so love your books, and think they are fantastic.

Parent UK

I am writing, not only to thank you for sending me the books, but for writing them. Since starting the series my son's reading has gone from strength to strength... and he rereads the earlier books as he enjoys them. You can't really ask for more than that.


My son loves the books and will do the worksheets willingly. The stickers are beautiful. He thinks they're great.

Parent, UK

Thank you so much for the wonderful worksheets.

Teacher, UK

Thank you for writing such an incredible series of books.

Parent UK

I have seen a great improvement in the children’s reading and writing. The children who have been introduced to Jelly and Bean have shown increasing fluency and confidence throughout each series. The children are eager to complete the worksheets and adore the books... Thank you from all your Jelly and Bean fans.

Learning Needs Assistant, Manchester

The books are very useful and increased my son’s confidence as they are not too difficult. He enjoyed reading them.

Parent, Harrow

I just wanted to write to you and tell you how pleased I am that I ordered the Jelly and Bean books. The illustrations are beautiful…

English teacher, Japan

Your books are great – for a non-teacher, gran and daughter, they are quite brilliant.

Parent, Surrey

I borrowed the B Series from my granddaughter’s school as she is having great problems with reading. However, the progress she has made with almost daily help has been astonishing. Excellent books.

Grandparent and retired head teacher, Northamptonshire

Thank you for your wonderful Jelly and Bean books. The children have simply loved them. Their desire to read has become the contagious infection running right round the school. I would never have predicted how popular they would be, but there is something about them that makes the children prefer a Jelly and Bean book to the others.

Head teacher of a Montessori school, Cumbria

Thank you for the Jelly and Bean worksheets. They are brilliant and we knew they would be.

Teacher, North Yorkshire

I'm thrilled with your reading scheme.

Montessori school teacher, South Africa

We introduced your books in September. What a success! We now have children who weren’t really interested in reading asking (sometimes begging!) to read.

Special needs support assistant, West Berkshire

Your books are a delight. The structure, e.g. the NLS word link, and the artwork are a pleasure.

Support Services, Derbyshire

The quality of your books and activity sheets is excellent.

Teacher, North Yorkshire

The children really enjoy the books and it has improved their confidence in reading dramatically.

Teacher, Cheshire

Your excellent books are just what our school needs

Teacher, West Sussex

Within seconds of meeting Marlene Greenwood her passion for teaching children to read is evident. She really cares about what she does and her enthusiasm is so infectious that I was encouraged to start using her books with my son. My son has just started school and has loved books from a very early age so I’m keen to help him learn. I’d tried using other books but we never really got off the ground with these. However, my son loves the Jelly and Bean books and the only problem I have now is being pestered to read with him all the time!

Mother of 4 and a half year-old, North Yorkshire

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