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High Frequency Words

The 100 most frequently occurring words in written English are introduced as shown below.

(These words are published in Letters and Sounds (2007), P193-194, and they have been collated from the Children's Printed Word Database (Masterson, Stuart, Dixon, Lovejoy; 2003) 

Starter Book A, Starter Book B, Tom and Bella Pink Stories

a  on  in  big  and  the

Series A Set 1 

I  can  go  to  is  see  with

Series B Set 1

not  back  very  his  off  put  will

Tom and Bella Red Stories 1

get  up  but

Series A Set 2

of  oh  no  got  are  at  my  this

Tom and Bella Red Stories 2

from  little  them

Vowel Sounds Set 1

into  too

Vowel Sounds Set 2

he  him  look  for  it

Vowel Sounds Set 3

an  down  her  then  out  she  have  they

Vowel Sounds Set 4

that  you  all  day  as

Series B Set 2

had  by  we

Rhyming CVC Stories

come  so

Tom and Bella Yellow Series 

me  mum

Consolidation Stories 1

do  one  help  when

Consolidation Stories 2


Alfie and Harpo Stories 1


Alfie and Harpo Stories 2

old  some

Consolidation Stories 3

house  there

Tom and Bella Blue Stories

called  here

Follifoot Farm Stories 1


Follifoot Farm Stories 2

their  now  about

The Cats Who Fell Out of the Car

like  Mrs

Alfie's Big Adventure

came  said  saw  was  were  asked  went  looked

English Vowels Stories Set 1

be  could  made  time

English Vowels Stories Set 2


English Vowels Stories Set 3


English Vowels Stories Set 4


not used: dad  don't  I'm  make  Mr  people  your


Of the 100 most frequently occuring words88 are function words and 12 are content words, i.e. nouns or adjectives.

These are:- mum, dad, people, house, children, day, time, back*, big, old, Mr, Mrs.

The function words are grouped grammatically as:-

definite article the

indefinite article:   a,  an

conjunctions: and, but, so, as, if

determiners that,  all,  what,  no,  this,  one,  some

prepositions to,  in,  of,  on,  for,  with,  at,  up,  out,  down,  into,  from,  about,  by,  off

pronouns he,  I,  it,  you,  they,  she,  his,  we,  my,  her,  me,  him,  them,  your,  their

adverbs not,  there,  then,  here,  when,  back,  very,  now,  too,  just

verbs: was,  is,  can,  had,  went,  have,  are,  to,  be,  were,  will,  do,  go,  come,  look,  see,  got,  like,  looked,  came,  got,  put,  saw,  said,  help,  could,  called,  asked,  made,  make

contractions: it's,  don't,  I'm

interjections: oh

* 'back' may be a noun, adjective or adverb.


The 200 next most regularly occuring words in children's books collated from the same database and shown in Letters and Sounds (2007) ( p195) are introduced as shown below:

Starter Book A

cat  hat  hot  box  dog  bad  bed

Starter Book B

bad  hot  man

Tom and Bella Pink Stories


Series A Set 1

fell  sat  duck  sleep  run  am

Series B set 1

red  has  

Tom and Bella Red Stories 1

fast  sun  tells  top  

Series A Set 2

next  stop  fun

Tom and Bella Red Series 2


Vowel Sounds Set 1

feet  its  tree  

Vowel Sounds Set 2

river  park  dark  door  horse  fox  good 

Vowel Sounds Set 3

fish  eat

Vowel Sounds Set 4

away  night  long  along  sea  way  play  going  three

Series B Set 2

under  think  been  us  egg

Rhyming CVC Stories


Tom and Bella Yellow Stories

last  green  says  water  plant  miss

Consolidation Stories 1

coming  again  looking  over

Consolidation Stories 2


..... to be continued


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