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High Frequency Words

The 100 most frequently used words as stated in Letters and Sounds are introduced as shown below:

AB Starter Pack

a on in big and the

A Series 5-10

I see can look at me is no with my dad

B Series 5-10

put his of oh will up not into very

A Extra Series

went to get it got go down you are we for said help mum

B Extra Series

an little back this have

A Digraphs Series and B Digraph Series

he but had they she come all day from then as him out by her one do

Rhyming CVC Series

was that so

Early Vowel Combinations

now about too

Tom and Bella Series 4

if here it's called

Combining Consonants Series

be some there what

Follifoot Farm Series 1

just when

Follifoot Farm Series 2

here house like

English Vowels Set 1

could came were saw old

Follifootfarm Series 3

time made make

Further Vowel Series

their children

Words not used:

Mr Mrs people asked I'm

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