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How Do Children Learn To Read?

A¬†short summary from Reading in the Brain by Stanislas Dehaene, published 2009. Dehaene uses Uta Frith’s three step model of reading acquisition as the psychological basis of how children learn to read. Frith’s psychological model of reading acquisition is: Step 1. Logographic or pictorial stage Step 2. Phonological stage Step 3. Orthographic stage 1. Logographic […]

How do children learn to talk?

In their 2007 paper, Professors Marilyn Vihman and William Croft identified four problem issues within the theory of language development. How is language structure, i.e. its phonology (sounds within words) and its grammar (the order of words in sentences), related to language function, i.e. its use for communication within a society? Is there a model […]

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